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Since 1987 we buy and sell second hand textile machinery and textile plants. We also sell on commission base. TTM Holland can offer machines C & F worldwide.
We are always interested in your demands or offers for spinning, weaving, finishing, non woven and laboratory machines and equipment.
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Dornier GTV4/SD, ww 260 cm Weaving / Knitting
Dornier HTV1/E MNB 250 cm Weaving / Knitting
Ferber electric cloth batch transport truck Type ETN2-39 Transport, Storage & Logistics
Sulzer P7100 390 Weaving / Knitting
Sulzer PU 130 VSD 120 KR D1 F and FR Weaving / Knitting
Sulzer PU 130 VSD 120 KR D2 F Weaving / Knitting
Staubli knotting frame, type TPF2B Weaving preparation
Staubli knotting frame 400 cm Weaving preparation
Dornier GTV2/SD, MNB 180 cm Weaving / Knitting
SantaShrink 180 Finishing
Somet Mythos H-2600 Jacquard
Somet Mythos H-3400 Jacquard Weaving / Knitting
Santabrush 2400 Finishing
Picanol Omni Plus 340 OMP-F-4-R Weaving / Knitting
Picanol Omni 250 OMP-F-4-R Weaving / Knitting
Uster Topmatic knotting machine, type TPM 201 Weaving preparation
Sanfor Monfortex Type FK-SG2 Finishing
Somet Mythos 260 Jacquard Weaving / Knitting
Genkinger warp beam truck, type KHR 10 GEV Transport, Storage & Logistics
Thies Roto Tumbler Finishing
Scholze big roll batcher Weaving / Knitting
Tube cutting/ windingmachine Finishing
Sulzer-Projectile-Loom, Type: P 7M RSP S 540 N2 SP D12 Weaving / Knitting
Karl Mayer sectional warper, Type ROB-O-MATIC Weaving preparation
Batch transport truck Transport, Storage & Logistics
Sulzer L5100 air jet weaving machines Weaving / Knitting
Sulzer L5100 air jet weaving machine Weaving / Knitting
Sulzer G6500 weaving looms Weaving / Knitting
Dornier GTV Webmaschinen Weaving / Knitting
Calemard wide slitter and rewinder Finishing
Leno winding machine Spinning / Winding / Twisting
Sectional warper Weaving preparation
Uster Quickspin and Uster MDTA Laboratory
Sulzer P7100 weaving looms Weaving / Knitting